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  Important Updates:

For Spring 2017, "La Valle Rosada" will be:

  • "All Levels"

    Spring 2017 will be open to women tango dancers with experience in one — or both — roles.

    Workshops, prácticas, discussions and activities will be appropriate to dancers of "all levels," including those who are newer to leading ...

  • À La Carte Scheduling

    Participating dancers will be able to attend the Weekend Workshops + Events "à la carte."

Some dancers who are interested in "La Valle Rosada" may have prior commitments or conflicts that make it difficult for them to commit to all of the Core Weekend's events + workshops.

For Spring 2017, an "à la carte" approach will allow these dancers to choose among Rosada's offerings and to join Brigitta + Deb for those events + workshops that best fit their schedules.

    * Pre-registration is required, however — all the events + workshops in the Spring 2017 edition of Rosada will be aimed at a maximum of 12 participating dancers.

To express your interest in joining "La Valle Rosada," please contact us by email ...

  • By Donation

Some dancers may find it difficult to afford the fees that are typically associated with a Retreat or Weekend like "La Valle Rosada."

In order to maximize access to this gathering, for Spring 2017 we will offer all Workshops + Events of the Core Weekend by donation.

Participating dancers can choose their own best level of support for "La Valle Rosada" — and they will be free to make a contribution informed by the value of their experience and what they can afford.

This approach will also allow gifted dancers of more modest means the opportunity to join Brigitta + Deb for Rosada, without the barrier of financial limitation.

Out-of-town dancers who plan to stay overnight in Ojai will still need to secure their own local housing. To help make this and future editions of Rosada possible, we encourage visiting dancers to consider booking their accommodations at Cois Dara ...

About "La Valle Rosada"

"La Valle Rosada" - Ojai Women's Tango Retreat consists of:

"Core Weekend" — 4-day intensive with Brigitta Winkler (Berlin) + Debbie Edwards (Ojai)

  • 16+ hours of tango workshops, exercises, guided prácticas + discussion

  • 6+ hours of open dancing

  • Vegetarian meals catered by "Organic Ojai" - Chef Ian Robertson

"Extended Visit" — option to stay on + enjoy more tango + activities with Brigitta + Deb

  • Daytime outings + activities in the Ojai Valley + environs

  • 3 more evenings of tango - Sunday / Open Dancing ... Monday / Workshop with Brigitta + Ojai's milonga ... Tuesday / milonga in Ventura with Brigitta + Deb

In keeping with our philosophy of accessibility + openness, the "modular" structure of "La Valle Rosada" gives each participating dancer the flexibility to choose her own best way to engage the Ojai Women's Tango Retreat:

  • Those with more limited time + resources may choose to emphasize their tango study + practice, and focus their energies on the weekend "Core Weekend " ...

  • Those with more flexibility may choose to stay on after the weekend for some (or all) of the "Extended Visit " — optional outings, activities + tango available later on Sunday 4/02 ... Monday 4/03 ... Tuesday 4/04 ... Wednesday 4/05

Master Schedule, 2017 — Click here to enlarge ... here to download (.pdf)

More on "Core Weekend"





A Retreat for gifted Women Dancers interested in leading + following Tango

A long weekend of study, practice, dancing and bonding ... guided by:

Brigitta Winkler (Berlin) + Debbie Edwards (Ojai)        



Dancers who serve actively as inspiration, mentors + role models — to their partners, fellow dancers, and wider home communities — both on and off the social dance floor



Core Weekend:  Thursday, March 30 — Sunday, April 2, 2017

— Option to stay on + extend your visit with more tango + Ojai activities — later Sunday, Monday + Tuesday — April 2, 3 + 4 — following Core Retreat


Ojai Valley — in the Coastal Range, ~90 minutes northwest of Los Angeles



During the Core Weekend, vegetarian breakfast, lunch + dinner provided by Chef Ian Robertson of "Organic Ojai" — fresh, locally sourced, farm-to-table

Non-dairy + Gluten-free options available at every meal



Daytime Workshops:  A Private Dance Studio in Ojai

Evenings:  Dance Spaces in Private Homes in Ojai


Participating dancers can take advantage of "La Valle Rosada" connections for discounted stays in local Airbnb's + small hotels




For Spring 2017, workshops + events of the Core Weekend will be By Donation ...

IMPORTANT:  Dancers must pre-register in order to participate

If you would like to join Brigitta + Deb for some or all of the Core Weekend, please contact us ...


Core Weekend:  limited to ~ 12 participating dancers

More on "Extended Visit"


Sunday, 4/02:



Lunch in a local bistro, then afternoon outing with Brigitta + Deb to a Wilderness Hot Springs in Matilija Canyon

Evening:  "Homemade" Dinner + Open dancing in a Private Home

— Sunday afternoon's Wilderness Hot Springs

Monday, 4/03:



Daytime outing with Brigitta + Deb — e.g., Day Hike up Horn Canyon Trail / Thacher Creek in Los Padres National Forest

Evening:  "Polarity + Presence" — an All-Levels Tango Workshop with Brigitta + dancing at Ojai's "Tango Incident" milonga — in the Gallery at the Ojai Art Center

Day Hike with Brigitta + Deb — Horn Canyon Trail

— Monday Evening "Polarity + Presence" Workshop with Brigitta

Tuesday, 4/04:



Daytime activites in Ojai with Brigitta + Deb — e.g., morning meditation in Ojai's East End, local dining + art galleries, day spa + massage

Evening:  social dancing with Brigitta + Deb at a local milonga, "Tuesday Night Tango" at Grapes & Hops in Ventura

— Tuesday Morning Meditation in Ojai's East End

"Tuesday Night Tango" in Ventura with Brigitta + Deb

Weds, 4/05:

Potential for more daytime activites in Ojai with Brigitta + Deb ... final goodbyes before traveling home ...

— Also nearby: Whale Watching, California Poppies, Lotusland Garden

More on Retreat Dining

During the Core Weekend, our vegetarian meals will be catered by Chef Ian Robertson of "Organic Ojai."

Fresh, locally sourced and farm-to-table, there will also be non-dairy (vegan) and gluten-free options available at all sittings — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Raised in New Orleans and mentored at a young age by a master French chef, Ian Robertson has been creating quality food for more than 20 years.

His career began as head chef of a progressive New Orleans organic bistro specializing in farm-to-table cuisine, artisan cheeses and micro-cultivated exotic mushrooms, and he has since gained a reputation as a culinary pioneer for his unique recipes and cooking style.

Ian is a Certified Natural Chef, and a graduate of a progressive culinary institute specializing in nutrition and world cuisine.

In addition to cateriing events, retreats and weekends like "La Valle Rosada," Ian is also
the owner and head chef at Organic Ojai, a local meal delivery service.

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